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 Rikkaru Troll hunter

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PostSubject: Rikkaru Troll hunter   Fri May 07, 2010 10:33 pm

1. Personal Details
Name: Jassim
Location:Abudhabi , UAE

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it? (if the answer is No please stop here) : Yes i do, i say if i have a debuff on me.

How often a week can you reasonably be available to raid? Everyday at any time, my timing is well organized.

Do you know anyone in Lemniscate? Sadlly not, but i do want to make some new friends, playing in a guild with friends is way better than playing with a guild that hardlly knows your name.

Do you currently have or will you in the near future have any circumstances which will affect your ability to raid? No, since after i graduate i will be having 1 gap year to enjoy my life, Playing wow and ofcourse real life.

2. Character Details
Class and Spec: Rikkaru , Marksmanship
Server: Sunstrider
/Played (Total & 80): 148 days , 21 hours , 2 minutes
This level : 99 days, 9 hours , 15 minutes

Professions: LW (Enough skill to enchant myself) , And i am building up Blacksmithing, will have it complete within a few days

Armory Link:

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI: ... 175101.jpg

Please provide a link to your level 80 raiding spec:

Do you have any high level alts (i.e. lvl 60+)?: None.

State an achievement that your proud of: I will be honest here, *Keepers of ulduar (25)* i am proud of this because i have done this before TOC came out, and killing mimmiron was a challange and at the same time really fun at that time.

3. Previous Experience
Please list the guilds you have previously been a member of. What experiences did you have with these guilds and why did you leave them?

Please list what raid experience you have had on any character both in vanilla wow, TBC and WotLK:
Didnt play WoW on Vanilla, Started playing when TBC came out,

Karazhan = Cleared
Magtheridon's Lair = Cleared
Grull's Lair = Cleared
Zul'aman = Cleared
SerpentShrine Cavern = 4/6
The Eye = 2/4
Mount Hyjal= 3/5
Black Temple= 7/9

*Quit wow before SWP Came out and came back playing first week WOTLK came out*

Naxxramas 10&25 man:Cleared *Undying - (Pre Ulduar)

The Obsidian Sanctum 10&25 man = (Pre Ulduar)
Eye Of Eternity 10&25 man = Cleared(Pre Ulduar)

Ulduar 10 : 12/14 (Pre TOC)
Ulduar 25 L 12/14 (Pre TOC)

Trial of the Crusader 10&25 man = Cleared (Pre ICC)

Ice Crown Citadel 10 = 11/12

Ice Crown Citadel 25 - 10/12

TOGC 10 = 5/5 Insasnity

TOGC 25 = 4/5

Onyxia 10&25 = Cleared

Vault of Archavon 10&25man = Cleared

4. Character Knowledge
What stats do you value when choosing a new piece of gear and why?
For know Armor penetration, because i want to get it capped without the proc of my trinket, After that, i will need to balance out my Agility and ArmorPenetration, and ofcourse watch my hit.

What do you feel your role in the raid is? Anything you can expect from a well experienced hunter, Like the lichking fight, Missdirect , Tranquilizing shot , And ofcourse do some nice dps, And at the same time watching the enviroment around me ( For Defile and Valkyr, position yourself not to get carried throu defile ) , Kiting , And ofcourse Crowd Controlling

What glyphs have you chosen for raiding purposes and why?
Glyph of Steady Shot. With marksmanship as your spec, your steady shots are the most used attack and able to deal a lot of damage which makes it even better if you have this glyph.

Glyph of Serpent Sting. Adding 6 seconds to serpent sting, incrasing your total damage of your chimera shot.

Glyph of Kill Shot. This glyph is amazing, It reduces the killshot cooldown by 6 seconds! This is good because it kills bosses faster, and some bosses usually enrage at 35% so this is when you really want to burn them down fast.

What addons do you feel would help you perform your role in a raid? DBM , DBM Cooldowns , Recount, Omen, Karthus hunter timers and Needtoknow (i use this to track my internal cooldowns)

5.Mandatory questions
- Top 3 favourite songs:
1)Tpain - Bartender (Still my favourite and always will be)
2)Jorn lande & Russel Allan - Come Alive (This song just makes you feel good, Especially while working out)
3)Jimmy Hendrix - Voodo Child

- Top 5 favourite movies / series:
1) Spartacus (Recent one , This has everything a man can expect in a series, Adultry , Violence and Gore)
2)Prison Break
4)Class of the titans

- Favourite book (one will do, even if it's just the Ikea catalogue):
Lucid intervals

- Name 3 WoW related sites and discuss how they are useful tools for bettering your raiding ability:


- Are you a keyboard turner? Haha no, i strafe while Rightclicking and pressing A or D

- What is your greatest weakness as a WoW player? What do you do to counteract this? Everyone has a weakpoint, mine is that

- What is your your greatest strength as a WoW player? I know whats infront and around me, I know whats happening, and i can adapt verry quicklly to my enviroment.

- Are you the original owner of your WoW Account? Yes ofcourse

6. Motivation and Ambition

I know i can bring <Lemniscate> a dedicatted and loyal hunter thats always there when you need him, a hunter that knows his surroundings and can addapt verry quicklly to his new enviroment like new instances , Class changes , etc... , i can carry my own weight, And mostlly a hunter who you can rely on to handle Specific tasks you throw at him.

7. Final
- A good joke: No offence to blondies
Q) What do you call a Blonde who dyed her hair black?
A) Artificial Intelligence Laughing
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PostSubject: 3 wow related sites   Fri May 07, 2010 10:35 pm

- Name 3 WoW related sites and discuss how they are useful tools for bettering your raiding ability:

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Rikkaru Troll hunter
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