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 Level 80 hunter

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PostSubject: Level 80 hunter   Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:55 am

1. Personal Details
Name:Anoushka (nush for short)
Age: 21
Location: Essex. UK
Occupation: Work at tescos on checkouts

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it? (if the answer is No please stop here) yep i've got a headset and i'm very chatty so i will be very willing to use it Razz

How often a week can you reasonably be available to raid? i can raid 4 nights a week min as your raiding times are great as i've got 2 babies that are in bed by then whereas before i had to take turns in raiding with my husband.

Do you know anyone in Lemniscate? nope i know no one on this realm, moved realm and faction changed a couple of days ago.

Do you currently have or will you in the near future have any circumstances which will affect your ability to raid? nope i'm deffo not gonna do overtime at tescos.. thats for sure! Razz

2. Character Details
Class and Spec: Bloodelf hunter, survival spec
/Played (Total & 80):68 days 12hours, 33mins 4 secs

Professions: Leatherworking and herbalism

Armory Link

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI

Please provide a link to your level 80 raiding spec

Do you have any high level alts (i.e. lvl 60+)?: i only have a level 75 dk but really only use it work making gold

State an achievement that your proud of: i would have to say when my previous guild was the realm first to get sindragosa down in 10man and i was in thier core 10man group for progression.

3. Previous Experience
Please list the guilds you have previously been a member of. What experiences did you have with these guilds and why did you leave them? my only serious raiding guild was cure. we were the top alliance guild in our realm. my experience with cure was great as we were progressing really well but one of the reasons why i left was the early raid times as i mentioned before. i had to take it in turns with my husband on days we could raid as one needs to be looking after our girls and sometimes it caused arguements on what particular day which meant i missed out on the day when the downed LK as it wasn't my day to raid Sad. the other reason was that recently there has been alot of seperation in the guild and they started to recruit anybody and everybody just to fill numbers as some of our best players started to leave.

Please list what raid experience you have had on any character both in vanilla wow, TBC and WotLK
i haven't really done any until i turned level 80. i started my raiding experience in naxx.
naxx cleared both 10 and 25m
ulduar cleared 10 inc hms and up to mimiron in 25man
Os cleared both inc 3drakes
Voa cleared both 10/25m
Onxyia Cleared both 10/25man
ToC Cleared both 10/25m
ToGC cleared 10 and only done twins on 25man
icc done 11/12 in 10m and up to dreamwalker in 25m

4. Character Knowledge
What stats do you value when choosing a new piece of gear and why?
first i look for the main stats i need i.e agility as i'm a surv hunter. i also check for gear with haste and armp too as these stats are important too. if the gear has hit rating and i'm hit capped (with hit gems in my gear at the time) i look overall at the gear to see if it makes enough of a change to have otherwise i wont bother going for the item. i use as a guidance. i've inputted my stats and it shows a list of what gear would be a big upgrade for me so i know before hand what to go for and not to go for.

What do you feel your role in the raid is? Choose a fight which you are familiar with and you feel displays your classes role well and explain how you perform your task in this fight
my main role as a dpser is to get my dots up on the boss as quick as possible and constantly keeping them up to ensure the max damage. a specific fight where hunters are used in particular is the saurfang encounter where i need to keep alert and moveable at all times. i need to concentrate on the boss and also watch dbm for next call of beast so that i know the timing of my frost traps are right and slows the adds down. i also use shots like concussive to slow them down and distracting shot to help out others if they have aggro and nuke them down before they reach me.

What glyphs have you chosen for raiding purposes and why? i have used glyph of explosive shot,steady shot, and kill shot. i've used these as they are my main damage shots and important in my rotation as in boss fights these are used regularly.

What addons do you feel would help you perform your role in a raid?
dbm, omen for the fights and i also use recount as like to see how the raid is as a whole. i also use dominos and omnicc as im a clicker, never really got used to key bindings so dominos has really helped me out as can get the keys relally close togther in a bunch so less time wasted going in a straight like as it is in the default setup.

5.Mandatory questions
- Top 3 favourite songs: I'm loving riverside by sidney samson atm i lovit! take that rule the world and beyonce if i was a boy. girl power!! YEAH!-

Top 5 favourite movies / series: i love supernatural (not only coz of dean Razz), 13 ghosts, i loved avatar i cried in the bit when the blew up that huge tree! house coz he's a total dick but i love him, i dunno why but i like the film black hawk down too and bad boys.

- Favourite book (one will do, even if it's just the Ikea catalogue): i dont really read :S i read heat magazine if that counts? Razz

- Name 3 WoW related sites and discuss how they are useful tools for bettering your raiding ability: i use wowikki for a read up on the boss encounters but the have to go on tankspot to watch it as my brain is like wtf! so i watch the vids to get wot ive read into a visual picture of the fight from the vids. i think this is important to do before going into any raid as your not letting just yourself down but everyone else in the raid if you go in not knowing what to do and may cause wipes. it also wastes time on having to explain tacs to people who don't know which delays any progress. it betters the person reading and looking up tacs as they know what to expect and shows they are committted to the raid group as they have put some effort in. i use elitetist jerks as a "guidance" for talent tweeks and info about my spec so i maximise the dam/dps from my gear.

- Are you a keyboard turner? yes

- What is your greatest weakness as a WoW player? What do you do to counteract this? i'm a clicker as i really never got used to keybindings i tried but really really failed. so to counteract this i use dominos to get my keys as close togther as poss to minimise the time lost. i have macroed some stuff too like one button to go from aspect of dragonhawk to aspect of viper rather than having to click 2 seperate buttons and misdirect have macroed so i enter the tanks name so no time wasted clicking normal misdirect button and then having to set focus the tank and click the picture. i've also got macros for the raid too like set target on kinetic orbs on the blood princes encounter so dont have to waste time running around trying to click them.

- What is your your greatest strength as a WoW player?
my attitude to raiding. i take it seriously thats why i had to take it in turns with my fella to raid when had early raids. so that i have no distraction and know the girls ar cared for. the only time i will ever leave my screen is if i need a wee. i'm enthusiastic and i enjoy raiding and i try my hardest to raid to best i can for the raid as a whole.

- Are you the original owner of your WoW Account? yep

6. Motivation and Ambition
What do you believe you can bring to 'Lemniscate' and what do you feel you can get of the guild?
i will bring enthusiasim and commitment to the guild. i'm a but ditzy so probably bring some laughs too. this is gonna sound cheesy but what i want from you guys is to be able to talk to people coz atm being in no guild i feel like a right loner lol. but also orgnanisation and people just enjoying what we do not having to deal with people dcing and leaving when it gets tough which happens alot in pug runs.

We are going to attempt a new boss this week, how do you prepare yourself for the encounter?
look up on wowikki and watch tankspot vids. ensure i've got everything i need for the raid i.e fish feasts, flasks ammo. ensure i've got the updated dbm. and feel confident for the encounter.

Is there anything else you have to add that you feel could help your application?
i hope i get the opportunity to raid with u guys Very Happy

7. Final
- A good joke: omg i don't know any jokes! i dont get most of them. my fella told me one but its rude to jews tho.

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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:20 am

lol it should work now... such a noob i forgot to activate my account

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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:05 pm

Pink everywhere! Noes! :<

Sweet that u've added UI since without it I'd have nothing to whine on =P. Doesn't mean it's perfect I just don't know anything bout hunters. Don't u think that chat taking almost half screen (wide-wise) and those BIG buttons combined with recount/omen take a bit too much place?. I can imagine u don't need raidframes, and blizz Player frame is more than enough since you don't need to watch it really, but the more you see - the faster you can react - the less u fail.

Looks to me like you could use scale UI option, or at least scale the addons in their settings, make some more room but ain't tragic.

PS. The right-side bar (under radar) is pwn! I'm having same =p Actually 2, hidden unless mouse-over but yeah :d.
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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:59 pm

the pink! it burns us!
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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:37 pm

A couple of comments:

You have 2-set T9, but haven't specced into Improved Stings in your Survival spec. Full Expose Weakness also isn't required with the level of gear you have - normally 1/2 points will suffice. If I were speccing your Hunter, I'd be going for something like this.

Your pet's spec is a bit off too, most would prefer something along these lines.

With regards to enchants, they seem fine except for 23 haste on cloak - you'd be better off with the agi enchant. You also might find that agi on gloves also works out better than 44 attack power.

You're also using a 20 haste gem and a 20 hit gem, the haste is worthless, you'd be better swapping the 20 haste for a 10 agi 10 hit and the same for the hit gem. Alternatively you could get Accuracy on your Twin's Pact and swap the 20 haste and 20 hit for 10 agi 10 crit.

Good luck with your app.
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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:18 am

Hi again. Thanks for all your feedback and i will try to answer the best i can. First off iíll apologise for the OTT of the pink writing.. i love pink!! lol

Iíll start off with Glexar, yeah i agree that my cast bars look big on my UI but i have recently started using my main computer rather than the laptop as my fella tends to get dibs on our gamer laptop and our sony lags like hell so iíve set up our main comp which i will be using for raiding. Itís connected to our tv screen so my display is on a 37inch screen and i sit on the sofa so had to make them quite a bit big to see but i will tweek it like you said to make it a little bit smaller so more screen space. But normally if i was playing on my laptop it wouldnít be anywhere as big as what is shown on my ui.

Firstly to Jianna thanks for criticising my talent points, it made me go back and made me look at them in detail and see some of the silly mistakes iíve made. this will be the build i will be going with.

One of the mistakes ive made was my talent points for my pet. Tbh i honestly donít know why iíve done it this way and ive been looking back at sites iíve looked at to find a reason why i have, and i honestly canít remember and know why iíve done it this way. i think it was a mistake on my part. A while back i had issues that every time i changed spec from bm to survival my pets talent points reset and had to redo them and think i might have just rushed and clicked the other ones because i really canít find a reason why i did it this way.

About the expose weakness talents i have been contemplating taking some out to put into either improved stings or another point in resourcefullness as it reduces the cd of my black arrow.

I read up in a site called that mentioned the same as you about talenting in improved stings. At the time in our guild were lacking in ret pallys and had only one shadow priest and i was the only surv hunter. Spesh for 10man mana was limited so at the time thought putting talents in hunting party was more worthwhile than improved stings as i would still benefit from the 3% agil increase, which is roughly about 69 agil increase, compared to the 10% chance of getting 6% haste for 12secs from improved aspect of the dragonhawk. My aim is to get to 523 haste so that my steady shot matches my global cd. Thatís why iíve gemmed for haste and have got the haste trinket and haste enchantment and looking to go for the distant land with haste etc. I did it this way because i wanted to get my haste all the time and not just a 10% chance. iíve only lost about 40 agil from the haste gems iíve put in which is still an increase of 29 agil roughly overall and even with the haste enchantment on my cloak i am still 7 agil up compared to doing it with gems aswell as having 63 more haste which is nearly 2%. So all iím loosing is a 10% chance to get 4% haste for 12 secs.

The reason why i didnít put points wyvern sting and noxious stings as i didnít see any benefits for this, as really its really only beneficial for pvp , as a boss is immune to wyvern sting which means there is nothing to dispel and therefore donít get the extra damage done from my serpent sting.
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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:23 am

Hey, would you happen to have a WoL or WWS report please?

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PostSubject: Wol   Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:11 am

hay i could only find this one as i only did selected days coz of the times and the other logs have been deleted.
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PostSubject: Re: Level 80 hunter   

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Level 80 hunter
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