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PostSubject: Application FAQ   Application FAQ EmptyThu Dec 04, 2008 2:42 am

Q: Where can I find more information about applying to Lemniscate?

A: You can read this FAQ. Should any of your questions not be answered here, you can post on our Forum or contact an Officer in game. If you don't know who our officers are, feel free to contact a Lemniscate member online and he will point you to one available.

Q: When will I know something about my application?
A: You will be contacted by one of our officers through the method/s you'll mention in your application. Please be aware we will only contact those applicants we decided to accept in our guild for trial.

Q: How long does it take for you guys to give an answer, if my application is accepted?
A: Usually not more than 1 week, in the worst situation scenario. Every time we have opening on classes, however, we review the applications we had for those classes in the past.

Q: Hey! I still haven't heard anything on my application; can I have an update please?
A: No, you can't. If you haven't heard anything after 1 week from your application, chances are you didn't make it. You may retry in the future or be contacted when/if we'll have openings for your class again.

Q: How long does the trial last?
A: It depends by how long you will take to convince us you're the right addition to our guild.

Q: I want to join Lemniscate, but I need to transfer from another server. Will this make my trial easier?
A: No. While we gladly accept cross realms applications and appreciate your efforts to join us, the only parameters we consider when deciding if keeping or not someone are merely raid/guild related. You accept any risk and issue involved to transferring server, should your trial not end in a positive way.

Q: Should my application be accepted, will I be able to take items while in trial?
A: First of all, let us remind you that we don't want people just joining us to get a ride through instances in order to get phat loot. However, yes, initiates do have access to loot during their trial period.

Q: You haven't currently any opening for my class. Shall I avoid posting my application then?
A: If you want to apply to join us, feel free to do so even if we're not searching for your class specifically. Extraordinary exceptions may happen, sometimes.

Q: I don't want to post my application in public, is it a problem?
A: All the applications that might be considered are posted at the members section, meaning that members of Lemniscate can see your application. If you need more privacy than that make sure to warn about that when you PM it to Squeeshy.

Q: I am not really sure I enjoy playing World of Warcraft anymore, and I am going to apply to Lemniscate to see if the change and some fresh air will help me.
A: No, don't do it, really. Save our time and your time and money. We don't need and don't want people without long/very long term plans with World of Warcraft. When we recruit new people for a position we would like to avoid having to search for more people in that same position two weeks later.
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Application FAQ
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