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 Crumosa Druid FeralCombat <Tank> Application!

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Crumosa Druid FeralCombat <Tank> Application! Empty
PostSubject: Crumosa Druid FeralCombat <Tank> Application!   Crumosa Druid FeralCombat <Tank> Application! EmptyFri Apr 09, 2010 10:46 pm

1. Personal Details
Name: Ramie
Age: 23years old
Location: Saudi Arabia
Occupation: No lifer

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it? Yes, ofc

How often a week can you reasonably be available to raid? Well tbh im online for Each Day, i stay online for like 14-17Hours a Day, i mean nothing to do but wow.

Do you know anyone in Lemniscate? unforchantly, No

Do you currently have or will you in the near future have any circumstances which will affect your ability to raid? Ummm, Nope

2. Character Details
Class and Spec: Druid, FeralCombat >Tankish<
Level: 80
Server: Sunstrider
/Played (Total & 80): Total: 190Days, at 80s: 78Days

Professions: Jewlcrafting+LeatherWorking

Armory Link:

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI:

Please provide a link to your level 80 raiding spec: FeralCombat >Tankish< 0/55/16,

Do you have any high level alts (i.e. lvl 60+)?: Yes i got 2Deathknights 1 on this Server wich is im going to level soon, the other one on Other Realm level 80.

State an achievement that your proud of:
First i would say [A Tribute to Insanity (10 player)] after that [Earth, Wind & Fire (10 player)] but the problem is the Achivement Puged i contact a Game Master about it he told me we dont know maybe you didnot kill the boss in the Right Time ... and there is an other problem we Killed him and we still have 13Secound btween the last boss .. really maybe we was Cursed that Day.

3. Previous Experience
Please list the guilds you have previously been a member of. What experiences did you have with these guilds and why did you leave them?
my Histroy Guilds in Sunstrider are, Testement, Mature luv, Corpus Callosum
First Testement: i joined them as a FeralCat and i told them i wanna tank they said nah we need you Catish so i Declind it and i left.
Secound Mature luv: No Comment
Third Corpus Callosum : i left Becoz of the Low progressing
Please list what raid experience you have had on any character both in vanilla wow, TBC and WotLK
Vanilla: Cleard everything and 2wings in Nax
TBC: Cleared all, and we Stoped at Kil'jaeden
Wotlk: Cleared everything, missing the Lich king at 10man and 25man Rest all CLEARED

4. Character Knowledge
What stats do you value when choosing a new piece of gear and why? Well im a FeralTank i Choose Stam Epic gems and Tanking Enchats.

What do you feel your role in the raid is? Well my Role is Tank and about my Playstayle Do NOT lose agro or Slack

What glyphs have you chosen for raiding purposes and why?
1- [Glyph of Growling] For Succssful Taunting
2- [Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration] For Extra Healing Affects on me
3- [Glyph of Survival Instincts] For Extra Hp when i feel im in a Proble with boss's
What addons do you feel would help you perform your role in a raid?
2-Recount Threat
4-Deadly boss Mode

5.Mandatory questions
- Top 3 favourite songs:
1-Slipknot - The Blister Exists
2-A Day To Remember - Start The Shooting + If it Means A lot To You
3-Trivium - Dying In Your Arms

- Top 5 favourite movies / series:
1-Liar Liar
3-American Pie
4-The Proposal

- Favourite book (one will do, even if it's just the Ikea catalogue): Well tbh i love the Cartoons Books its Fuuny to Read like LonyToons and Mikey mouse and the Whole Guys Razz
- Name 3 WoW related sites and discuss how they are useful tools for bettering your raiding ability: i only Choose
- Are you a keyboard turner? Errr No comment Razz
- What is your greatest weakness as a WoW player? What do you do to counteract this? ummm, to Fail in something or do something worng
- What is your your greatest strength as a WoW player? i would say FOCUSING is the importent Thing i but like 200% Focus on Each raid i do Guild run or even a pug run etc ...
- Are you the original owner of your WoW Account? yes i am

6. Motivation and Ambition
What do you believe you can bring to 'Lemniscate' and what do you feel you can get of the guild? All Kind of Dedcaited and HardCoring Tanking Guy

We are going to attempt a new boss this week, how do you prepare yourself for the encounter? with Reading there Taic's and Learn more about the Fight and Be 100% Prepare with Flask+Foods+Potions Everything well be 110%Preparing for Raids or a New Boss's

Is there anything else you have to add that you feel could help your application? WEll thats all tbh i done my best on this applcation and ofc the rest on you guys to Decide my Faith and everything, thx alot for Reading it.

Love now and Alwats DangerousCow .
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Crumosa Druid FeralCombat <Tank> Application!
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