Guild on Sunstrider-EU. Formerly known as Pinehearst on Magtheridon-EU
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PostSubject: Restoration Shaman   Restoration Shaman EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 7:30 am

1. Personal Details
Name: Viktor
Age: 18
Location: Luleň
Occupation: School

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it? (if the answer is No please stop here)
Yes, i have a working microphone.

How often a week can you reasonably be available to raid?
Everyday except Friday and Saturday. Ofcourse i can raid theese days from time to time, but i prefer not to be locked at the computer those two days.

Do you know anyone in Lemniscate?
I do not.

Do you currently have or will you in the near future have any circumstances which will affect your ability to raid?
I do not. Ofcourse once or twice a year there will be a family dinner/birthdays etc but i always know about those things in advance so i can plan it.

2. Character Details
Class and Spec: Shaman, Restoration (0/16/55).
Level: 80
Server: Sunstrider
/Played (Total & 80): Total is 68d, at level 80 my total time played is 57d.

Professions: Enchanting(450) & Inscription(433). After 430 there is absolutley nothing i can learn in inscription.

Armory Link:

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI: - This is not my character, altho it is exactly the same UI.

Please provide a link to your level 80 raiding spec:

Do you have any high level alts (i.e. lvl 60+)?: I have a level 74 warrior on Stormscale, wich I am not playing on. I am planning on start to level some alts on my spare time.

State an achievement that your proud of: Heartbreaker(25), Firefighter(10), Orbit-uary(10), I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning(10). Those are the ones i have managed to get with my previous guild..

3. Previous Experience
Please list the guilds you have previously been a member of. What experiences did you have with these guilds and why did you leave them?
The only guild worth mentioning in my opinion is Ad Acta (). I was a member of this guild for almost a year. I was the dps/reqruitment officer. A tough job. I experienced alot with this guild, first down of Yogg is one of those things i remember most clearly. If i remember correctly I think we where atleast on the top10 for Yogg on Magtheridon. I had to go inactive for some problems in real life. But now I'm back and on a new server ready to rock.

Please list what raid experience you have had on any character both in vanilla wow, TBC and WotLK.
I don't have any experience from vanilla sadly. I was a confused level 53 warlock running around in Tanaris with no way to go! My irl friends stopped playing and that made my interest go away aswell.

Started playing in TBC again. I was playing a shadow priest at that time. I was playing horde on Shattered Hand. Theese are some things i had time to play and try out:
- ZA
- Karazhan
- TK
- Gruul
- Maggy's lair
- BT

Rerolled shaman in WotLK and joined up a friendly guild called Consistency with a bunch of irl friends. There we was going weekly Naxxramas runs, that was a sad time in WoW. When that guild finally disbanded i joined up with Ad Acta.
Naxx 10 clear
Naxx 25 clear
EoE 10 clear
EoE 25 clear
OS 10 +3 clear
OS 25 +2 clear
Ulduar 10 clear
Ulduar 25 clear
Trial of the Crusader 10 clear
Trial of the Crusader 25 clear
Trial of the Grand Crusader 10 - 1/5
Icecrown Citadel 10 - 6/12
Icecrown Citadel 25 - 6/12

The Icecrown Citadel runs i have manged with pugs this far. Havent found any guild, or havent had any interest in joining any guild unitl now. Had to get the feeling back. Altho on paper i have wery low experience in the current raids, I am a wery wery quick learner. And i ALWAYS come prepared with full knowledge of tactics, either it's normal or heroic.

4. Character Knowledge
What stats do you value when choosing a new piece of gear and why?
I am valuing haste and spellpower above all stats. I am not one of those shamans who gem full haste on everything, I am mixing it up with spellpower and haste/mp5 gems. Altho haste is a wery important stat, almost the base stat i must say, you can not forget spellpower. Without spellpower your heals are becoming worthless. Stamina is also a bonus, so if I'm pending between two items that have the exactly the same stats ofcourse I take the one with more stamina. You should not forget that survivability is as important as everything else.

What do you feel your role in the raid is? Choose a fight which you are familiar with and you feel displays your classes role well and explain how you perform your task in this fight
Heal. Keep the earthshield up on a tank and depending on what i am assigned for i either heal the raid or any tank. I prefer raidhealing, as many healers do. Resto shamans also have mana tide totem wich is wery helpful in some fights.

What glyphs have you chosen for raiding purposes and why?
Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave: Heals for 20% if the target is affected by Earth Shield. This is wery useful if I have to cast a heal on a tank now and then. This one is replacable with either 30% mana gained from Water Shield or the Riptide glyph. The riptide glyph adds duration on my Riptide spell.
Glyph or Earth Shield: Increases the healing done by my Earth Shield. It heals alot more. 20% may not sound much but it's wery useful.
Glyph of Chain Heal: This is wery useful. It heals 1 additional target, wery useful when raidhealing.

What addons do you feel would help you perform your role in a raid?
Totemtimers: I can monitor my totems and my shields.
Grid: A must for every raider, especially a healer.
Skada (healingmeter): So i can see that I'm not slacking behind on the healing. Can also monitor dispells and alot of other things.
Deadly Boss Mods: A must.

5.Mandatory questions
- Top 3 favourite songs:
Rush - Tom Sawyer
Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

So many more songs that i could have top 50 song list.

- Top 5 favourite movies / series:
The Good, The bad & The Ugly
Underworld Triology
The Butterfly Effect

Same as with songs, could have a top 50 favourite list.

- Favourite book (one will do, even if it's just the Ikea catalogue):
David Eddings series.

- Name 3 WoW related sites and discuss how they are useful tools for bettering your raiding ability:
MMO-Champion: Keeping myself updated on whats happening.
Ensidia forum: Mek's resto guide have helped me alot in perfecting my playstyle in my switch from Elemental to Restoration.

- Are you a keyboard turner?
Absolutley not.

- What is your greatest weakness as a WoW player? What do you do to counteract this?
Oh this one was hard. Weekness huh? Lets see.
I can sometimes forget to look in the chatwindow during bossfights. What i have done to improve this is turning off all bossmods output to chat.

- What is your your greatest strength as a WoW player?
I am wery disciplined and always do as I'm told. I don't forget what to do.

- Are you the original owner of your WoW Account?
Yes I am.

6. Motivation and Ambition
What do you believe you can bring to 'Lemniscate' and what do you feel you can get of the guild?
I can bring a reliable healer. A guy with some humor, but that always come with time.
What i can get of the guild, is a guild with progression and challenges. Something I have missed for quite some time now. Hopefully a great companionship and guild atmosphere aswell.

We are going to attempt a new boss this week, how do you prepare yourself for the encounter?
Read up on the boss tactics, whatch videos from tankspot and do all I can to come prepared.

Is there anything else you have to add that you feel could help your application?
Haha. Hate theese questions. My mind always go blank!

Nah but I just want to say that take my application and think about it. I know my gear is not the best, my trinket and back I am going to replace ASAP, I only need more emblems. The hitrating back is a big blunder I know, but my previous healing back was from Naxxramas. The one I got now is better in all stats and itemlevel. The back is replaced after I get 5 frost emblems, hopefully I can continue my ICC10 run before the reset.
Regarding my other trinket, I have been farming for Solace of the Fallen every reset but not even seen it drop. The same with Binding Stone from ToC 10. Never seen it. I promise you guys, I am doing all in my power to replace those crap slots.

7. Final
- A good joke: There is no ctrl button on Teg's keyboard. Teg is always in control.
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PostSubject: Re: Restoration Shaman   Restoration Shaman EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 7:34 am

Ah, the linking function apparently did not work. Here it is:


Current spec:

Screenshot of UI: (I'm not using Russian)

Ad Acta:
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PostSubject: Re: Restoration Shaman   Restoration Shaman EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 8:47 am

Trying once again, this time with a registred user.

Armory: Click

Talentbuild: Click

Interface: Click

Ad Acta: Click
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PostSubject: Re: Restoration Shaman   Restoration Shaman EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 2:23 pm

I think it's first pro and clean UI I've seen since I started to read app's. Not like you need quest objectives shown during 25man raid, but with that clean UI, it doesn't make any diffrence. I think I've had some dailies during a run too so =P. GL with app.
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PostSubject: Re: Restoration Shaman   Restoration Shaman EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 2:35 pm

Haha, thanks. But as I said, that pic is not my character, but I use exactly the same UI with a few modifications, for instance i have removed the HUD, tough it was abit unnecessary.
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PostSubject: Re: Restoration Shaman   Restoration Shaman EmptySun Feb 28, 2010 5:27 pm

Despite the experience being rather low the application looks good and all, and I can understand how your guild might've been the reason and not you for your progress being that slow.
Stonedcow'll probably give you an answer tonight.

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