Guild on Sunstrider-EU. Formerly known as Pinehearst on Magtheridon-EU
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 Orcyrage , Enhancement shaman

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PostSubject: Orcyrage , Enhancement shaman   Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:10 pm

Character Name:
changed name from Orcyrage to Wíndfury

Armory or other profiler Link:

Link a screenshot of your UI:

WWS reports(extra): don't have any, as my current guild doesn't use them.

Professions:Engineering/Leather working.
Talent Spec:
Enhancement .

## Personal Information ##

Nationality:Egypt farao
Time Zone:GMT +1

Play schedule availability:
I've read your raiding times and they fit me perfectly.

Describe your PC and internet connection:
CPU:3.0 Ghz Intel Extreme Quad
Graphics Card:896MB nVidia GTX260
Internet Connection:VPN 8MB

Ventrilo or Teamspeak?:

## Question & Answer ##

Q: Why did you apply to Pinehearst?
A:I was looking for a friendly Steady raiding guild where i can prove and improve
myself,as a person i always strive to be the best at what ever i do and i feel i can
achieve that in Pinehearst,I'm looking for a guild where i can compete for server 1st
kills and maybe world 1st kills some day and i feel i can find that with you guys.

Q: What do you expect from Pinehearst?

A:I expect the guild to be Friendly, Respecting, Fair when giving out opportunities, to

know when to mess around and have fun, and when to Put the Game Face on and get some ass

Q: Why should Pinehearst take you as member?

A:I feel i should be picked as i am a skilled, committed and determined player. I have a

fair amount of experience and know what it is like to be within the server 1st/2nd


I provide good dps as well as a good social standing within a guild. I am punctual to raid

times and know when its best to shut up and say nothing but also when the time is right

to speak out.

I am a long standing player of WoW and will continue to do so as Blizzard release new

patches. Generally do not take "summer-breaks" from WoW so i would like to think if i was

accepted into the guild i would be here for the long term.

I am an avid reader of elitist jerks so i always stay up to date on class

changes/theory crafting. I would like to say i know my class well and hopefully that shows

in raid .

I'm kick back relaxed guy looking to have some fun with same minded people, as a person i always strive to be the best at what i do and make the most out of making the most of my time (yes, Twice)

A Mature,Open Minded,dedicated,Loyal And a Highly motivated Competitive Team player who's Always eager to learn new things weather its about my class , other classes Or Boss Fights,Have a Great sense of humor,I Try to make Solid Friendships along the way

Patient when Learning a New Fight and Well aware of my Class and Can make maximum use of it and its advantages

Q:What do you think is the role of your class during raids?
A:My role is to simply Dps my heart out, Enhance the effectiveness of my team mates (hence

its called enhancement) and as a general player being at the right place at the right

time , Some fight related stuff (clicking stuff and what not) and of course being able to

adjust to "oh shit" moments.

Q: Do you know anyone in Pinehearst able to guarantee and backup your application? If
yes, who?

A:Yes, Blacktornado.

Q: What's your experience in PvE and high-end Raiding in World of Warcraft?

A:All of WotLK including ToGC 10 insanity and 3/5 on 25 , Icc 10 working on the lich
King and 7/12 Icc 25

Q: What are your short term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A:KingSlayer is my goal atm , its personal between me and that Arthas... he took my bike!
on a serious note, I'd like to be able to finish the current content before the next is

released , and would like to keep being able to do so until the next expansion.

Q: What are your long term goals and plans in World of Warcraft?
A:I'd would like to keep raiding and compete on server 1st kills for as long as i can,

and try my best to Grow my skill more and more as the game goes on.

Q: Which guilds you part of in the past? Why did you leave/want to leave those?
left it cause the level of progress luv can offer me is insufficient to my current goal

in wow , as people they are some of the best I've ever seen and i love them, but as i

said i needed more and wanted to experience more of the game. and get my bike back from


Q: Have you had any high-end experience in any other MMO in the past? If so, say where
and on what.

A:Nope, i was an MMO version till i found wow, then it "rocked my world".

Q: Do you have anything that could influence negatively your playtime?
A:Not really, I'm free as bird, some would call me a no lifer.

Q: Where did you see our recruitment post causing you to submit this application?

A:i saw your recruitment post on

Q: Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know?
Not atm , no but if there's anything more you would like to know about me feel free to ask, i'm either on my shaman or Warrior alt (Nirgal).
Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
Good Luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Orcyrage , Enhancement shaman   Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:48 pm

Ty for making an application.
We're currently not recruiting enhancement or elemental shamans.

Good luck in finding a suitable guild for you.
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Orcyrage , Enhancement shaman
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